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  1. Airbladehnu says:

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  2. Andrewdut says:

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  3. BlackVuepct says:

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  4. Barbara Thompson says:

    Your 2011 show was BY FAR YOUR BEST SHOW EVER! I have watched the video over and over again and i just loved it! Your “special effect” during Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song” was beautiful and you have now given your audience a memory of a lifetime! The finale was awesome! Your competitors should start shaking in their boots! Congratuations Bill, Bonnie, Phil and Brian! Excellent job!

  5. Ted Rosenblatt says:

    This was an awesome show! Here are the links to my videos.

    Shareen Crosby singing the National Anthem.

    The Show.

  6. DCake says:

    Great Show. Towards the end of the show, we noticed a sparkling blanket, floating. It stayed in the air for about 15 minutes, changed shape and appeared to get higher in the sky, plus moved north. What was it?

  7. Mike W says:

    I have been out of the loop and didn’t tell you earlier… GREAT SHOW

  8. Cheryl says:

    The 2010 show was SOOOO amazing! I’ve been watching it over and over. Friends and family from far and wide have been writing about the show saying it is the best show ever! Friends from Illinois, Wisconsin, Texas, Florida and even one in Pakistan were absolutly thrilled with the show! We can’t wait until next year!

  9. Sherry says:

    Hey, your guys did a good job. I am looking forward to seeing the video.

  10. Bill Cook says:

    WOW! We REALLY nailed it this year… thanks to all of you for making it happen one more time! The full video should be available this weekend.

  11. Bryan "Bam-Bam" says:

    OMG – after 15 years, we just keep getting better!! Here’s a HUGE THANK YOU to all the Crew for an OUTSTANDING effort! I love working with y’all and am already looking forward to next year 7:-)

  12. Ryan says:

    When will the 2010 video be posted? I have very much enjoyed all the videos I have seen and I must say the shows are very well done. KUDOS to the crew and pyrotechnics behind all of it!

  13. kevin2i says:

    TWENTY-TEN ROCKED! Thanks to everyone for putting together another show that ‘raises the bar’ for next year! Shout out some comments everyone!

    If you have photos/videos to upload you can email me, or upload to If you have a youtube video, we can link it here too!


  14. This post was mentioned on Twitter by Deborah Green. Deborah Green said: “Wish I could be there for this year’s fireworks show. How fun would that be!”

  15. “This is our favorite 4th of July event, and we’ve had the pleasure of shooting the fireworks show in HD. Check out last year’s footage here!”

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