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Sparkly Sky Snake

This happened around 10pm on July 4th, 2011. I was sitting at the front door of my house. I was watching the fireworks show. To the left of the fireworks about 50 to 100 feet away from them I noticed a patch of sparkly, small lights. I thought at first they were the remnants of the fireworks and had just drifted off with the wind. I kept watching them all the while the firework show was going on. They did not move, dim or change in any way. When the show was over they began to move. The unraveled themselves and started to travel south in the sky. They traveled about a half mile then made a turn. As they stretched out there was one light in the front and one light in the back that was single and more predominant than all the rest. When it turned it made a U-turn shape, as if it was traveling around a median in the sky. It then started to head west. It then went over my house. I ran to the back yard just in time to see it begin to cross my back yard. It was now stretched out and heading west towards Santa Rosa. It continued to travel at a constant pace. It was about the length of a football field and a half. The flashing or sparkling tiny lights stayed consistent and appeared to have a random pattern about them. They did not get dimmer, fade or get out of line. It reminded me greatly of my ball python. When I first saw it it was bunched up then straightened out to move. It moved at about the same pace too. It was not flashing lights like you would see on a plane or a spaceship. It was thousands of sparkly, mini like stars that were in the shape of a snake. You could see no object for them to be attached to. They all stayed together and uniform when they traveled. The sides were straight and not jagged at all. It was very smooth in the way it moved and stayed together. The whole moving process took about 15 to 20 minutes max. I stuck out my thumb, but unfortunately it did not see me to pick me up. :) But it was very particle like. I called a friend of mine to tell him about it and he said that he had seen it the night before. This confirmed that it was not created by the firework show. Although it did stop to watch the show, or rather the show was taking place in the path it chose to travel. It did not mind that we saw it. There was like 5000 people watching the fireworks and so far we have talked to at least 30 that can confirm seeing it also. I live in St. Helena, California. I don't think it will be back as it definitely had a place it was intending to go. I figure at its rate of travel we might get a spotting around japan in a month or two. The best way I can describe it is as a sparkly sky snake. It moved and acted just like a ball python would. It was made of what appeared to be independent particles and had no main or solid structure that could be seen. I am not sure what it was, but it definitely had a thought process and a place it intends to go. I do not feel it was a alien ship, that just doesn't feel right to me. The way it moved and how it looked. It almost felt like a bunch of baby stars were on a field trip. When you see kids on a field trip all holding the rope, with the one teacher in the front and one in the back. when they stop they bunch up and when they move they go in a straight but wide line. It was similar to this as well. when it turned it was like a snake. It's head started the turn and then the body moved through the turn at the same angle and speed, then straightening out. I am very lucky to have seen it and jealous to not be riding it.

Laura  on Thu, 07/07/2011 - 05:34

best description I've read so far of what I saw in the sky

Thank you, Lisa, for what you wrote. Ever since I saw what you and many others of us saw on the Fourth of July, I have been looking for photos/video/text about peoples' experiences. I am still searching for some video, as I tried to take some on my phone and nothing came out except blackness. Take care, and keep us all posted if you see the lights again. We live in St. Helena, too, and went outside last night around ten pm to see if we could see anything. Did you also see the orange balls of light? We didn't see those at all.

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