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2010 Martini Winery Fireworks

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  1. Bryan Boudreaux says:

    Man, it’s gettin’ reeeeeal close now!!! This is better than waitin’ for Santa’!!!

    Can’t wait to see everyone again this year :-)

    I’m ready!!

  2. BillE says:

    Tick, tick, tick, is it time to blow stuff up yet?

  3. Dean Hodgson says:

    After watching the show several times on this website, something positive came out of each viewing. Everyone seems to agree 2009 was outstanding in every way (possibly the best ever !!!). But, has anybody noticed how equally exciting it is watching the lives of crew members unfold with each passing year? (Seeing Phil & Nancy holding their child says it all).

    While we may not see one another until next year… travelling to St. Helena is made easier thanks to countless wonderful memories Jeanette & I have.  Thanks for all the laughter, excitement, & great fellowship over the years. The relationships and feeling like we are part of something this special …year after year… is as important to us as the spectacular fireworks show. See ya’ next July!

  4. Reeeeen says:

    Oh sweet mother of all things ‘splodey!!!

    Have you all clicked on that link over there that says “2008 Ground Zero Video (HD)”?

    —————> —————> —————> —————>

    What are you waiting for? Clickety click! You won’t be sorry!

    Go on now. Don’t be shy.

  5. Bryan Boudreaux says:

    WHAT A BLAST!! It was sooooo awesome working with y’all this year! Everyone did such an outstanding job and worked your tails off to make this year’s fireworks production the best to date!!!

    Thank you Bill & Bonnie for leading the way! :-) I’m already thinkin’ about next year …

  6. Liz says:

    What a show! I just got the chills all over again watching it. People are already asking about next year! Your crew is amazing; I can’t wait to see what they dream of next!

  7. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeen says:

    What a great time we had again this year! It is such a great feeling to be a part of something so fantastic. We need more national holidays that are celebrated with splodey things so we could do this more often. It’s just that much fun! I can’t wait to see what the guys come up with for next year’s show. Only 340 days to go!!!

  8. William Cook says:

    Dan and Kathryn,
    Thanks for sharing your comments! The reality is that this one-of-a-kind event wouldn’t exist without your vision, leadership, and $ponsorship. It’s a true pleasure working with you and your winery team year after year after year! :-)

    By the way, we’re capitalizing on the momentum of this year’s peak pyro performance and have already created a rough draft of next year’s opening segment! I won’t spoil any surprises, but I will say it’s like nothing that any of us has ever seen before…

  9. Kathryn Parkin says:

    Thanks to you and your entire team, Bill! What a spectacular show. It’s almost August and people are still talking about it in St. Helena! Everyone in the winery is looking forward to next year. Bravo!

  10. Dan Michael says:

    Bill and Crew,
    What a SPECTACULAR fireworks spectacular! We have received so much positive feedback from our guests, many have said it was the best show yet. I love the HD video, especially the bit at the end when you hear Bonnie scream with glee like a little school girl. I can’t wait for next year (ok maybe I can but it will be well worth it).

  11. Bonica says:

    What can I say! Thanks to all of you for making this project ‘sing’ in perfect harmony. A special thanks to our Wellness Team (Ernestine, Jeanette, Nancy and Victoria) and Iron Chefs (Brian, Erin and Lora) for keeping us hydrated, sun-screened, well fed and cared for. Masterful!

  12. Daver says:

    We’ve done fireworks all over the world, and been part of thirty or forty shoots now, and nothing — in the world — comes close to this show and this crew. The show setup was FLAWLESS! Usually pyros are happy to have two or three percent of the shells not go because of miscellaneous errors, but we had exactly one shell not go, and that was a bad match, not the crew. The friendships we have here are as world class as the show, and our fearless leader…well what else can I say? Simply brilliant. I’ll keep coming back! Good job everyone!

  13. William Cook says:

    FinalE, your precision and attention to detail have always made a difference in the quality of our productions. But the thought of you AND Phil working together in a combined “relentless pursuit of perfection”? Now that’s a little scary! ;-) And I love it!!!

  14. BillE (FinalE) says:

    This was by far the most fun I’ve ever had with my clothes still on! I really enjoyed working with the crew to set up the firing racks. Phil, your idea about the angle gauge was spot on. I really can’t wait until next year to see how we top this show. Having a huge blank canvas with which to “paint the sky” will be incredible. If I have one request to make for this website it would be a link to the “behind the scenes video” from last year…I would pay money to see that again.

  15. Robb says:

    The fun work on Friday to setup the racks and mortars was made all the more enjoyable by Phil’s new-fangled bubble level angle rack…and as he described it – our attention to “detail”! And I have to take back all my reservations about automation and fireworks – the Firelinx system worked amazingly well. I have some good friends that have been coming over to watch the show for the past 5 years, they wholeheartedly agreed that this was the best show, by far that they’ve ever seen.

    The chance to come together, meet new folks and watch everyone pull the same direction for the same end goal is always amazing to me, and the payoff to watch the end result always makes it worth it. :-)

  16. Kevin Hecht says:

    Thanks to everyone for kicking it up a notch this year! Special Thanks to Mr. ‘Daver’ Russell for developing the superb wireless technology — and Special Thanks to Phil Messier for piloting our precision engineering to new heights!!!

  17. Lea says:

    GREAT job everyone! AMAZING!

  18. William Cook says:

    Thank YOU Janet! You were a great addition to this year’s project team… your positive attitude was infectious! :-)

  19. Janet Darling says:

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve with everyone on this project. It was a blast!

  20. William Cook says:

    I agree with everything you said Phil… thanks for coming out to Vegas (twice) with Bryan to help me with all the shell placement pre-work – that made a BIG difference this year. When we arrived onsite, the entire show was placed with shells and cue times…. that’s a first. We even had the “luxury” of completely replacing the finale song on our drive to Napa Valley in the fireworks truck! We wouldn’t have had the ba**s for that in previous years!!! LOL

    Also, your engineering design input was essential this year. Our rack angles were dead-on thanks to your bubble leveled rack template. Quality is in the details… and we nailed the details in this show. And yes, Firelinx rules!

  21. Phil Messier says:

    This website is a great idea – nice job!

    This year’s show was our best ever! We paid attention to detail from start to finish. It was the best music, best mixed and best edited. The best planned and executed. The best managed (Bonnie). The best choreographed and the most fun to watch. Every task was planned and accounted for. No human error! Every shell that could go up – went up! Absolutely amazing. This was the least nervous I’ve ever been. Boy did Firelinx deliver! It is by far the best firing system out there. We were able to do things that no other system could do – like simultaneously firing 84 shells at one time! Hats off to Dave Russell and family – well done. Thanks to everyone that made it possible. I can’t wait till next year!

  22. William Cook says:

    This was one of the best fireworks shows I’ve ever SEEN, let alone been part of… my hat’s off to all the crew that made it happen! BRAVO and thank you for inspiring me to do another show! Here’s to an even bigger and more spectacular 15th anniversary extravaganza next year!